I Love You ..

You Made Me Cry , You Tore Me Apart , You Left Me In Tears , You Shattered My Heart. It Wasn’t Your Fault , I Guess It Was Me for Love Can’t Be Forced , Perhaps We Weren’t Meant To Be. It Still Doesn’t Help , Now That I Know because For Some Reason my Heart Won’t Let Go. I’ve Tried More Than Once to Get Over You but You Make It So Hard with Cute Things That You Do. I Thought Love Was Joy but I’ve Got Nothing To Gain. Just Sorrow, Tears and A Little More Pain. The Day The Pain Started , Reality Came True . It Was The Day That I Realized I’ll Never Be With You.

I love you so much. It's always been true but you'll find someone else and you'll love again too :face45:

Teach me to stop caring when I think of what we were. Teach me to stop crying when I see you there with her :) Show me how to live again when you're not here with me. Show me how to fight the fact that we're not meant to be. Tell me that I'll be alright and my life will be okay without you right here by my side to hold my hand each day

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