Why I Love You

I just cant find the way to express my love for you , You are just amazing in everything you do .. The time I spend with you is the best I've ever had and you always know how to help me when its me who's feeling sad .. I dont know how to say this but i'll do my best and try and I just want you to know that you sir , are the perfect guy .. You make me feel so special , You make me feel so right and if I had it my way , I would always hold you tight .. I hope that I don't lose you , I pray to Allah each day because as long as you are here , I can push my pain away .. I love you so much and that I know is true because no matter what I do , I can't keep my eyes off you .. I hope we are together for time and time to come cause I need you in my life to change who I've become ..

I love you , I love how you love me too , I love the way you smile and how you always hold me for a while .. I love hearing your voice , How you always give me a choice , I love your pretty brown eyes and how you hate to say good-bye , How you're always showing me you care .. I love your touch and how you make me feel so much .. I love your sweet kisses , How it's me that you always miss , I love how sweet you are to me and how adorable you can be .. I love how you say my name , How you know this ain't a game .. I love how you always make me feel better and how you save my letters .. I love how perverted you are , How you always ask if you're going too far , I love the fact that you don't act fake and how you believe in give and take .. I love how I can be myself around you , How I can still do the things that I do but honey what I love most is just you ..


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