The Girl I Used To Be

I tell myself that everything's going to be ok that there is no reason for all this pain .. The time it took to change , the time it took to see all those mistakes .. The life I had , I can't have back .. The choices I made affected me in all those ways .. The mistakes I made have not been forgotten .. The tears I shed , the sounds I made , the feelings that left me feeling in a different way .. Yet I can't see why these tears feel so unreal .. I'm not the same , my words are unsaid .. What I hide is buried deep inside .. To know , to love , to breathe ..

It hurts to know that I'll never be the girl I used to be .. The one that would always laugh , the one that you knew would always be strong .. The feeling is real , the truth is sealed .. I cry in the dark cuz I know I cut too deep .. The blood is like the rain in every way it drifts away .. The scars are real but the wounds in the heart are another mark .. If you only knew what I've been through or maybe you could take a walk in my shoes .. I'm not fake , I'm not a doll , I just don't think I'm the same in any way so where did my soul go ?? Why did I ever let it runaway ?? What happened to that girl ?? The one that could make you laugh , the one that would always take you out ?? What happened to that girl cuz I'm lost without her ?? I'm no longer me , the mistakes changed me but did they change her ?? If only I would know ..

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