That's What We Called A Heartbreaker

Life, it passes by outside the cold chained window as I stare out into the light out of my lonely dark corner , My eyes burn a little , I don’t mind though , I’m used to the pain life brings me , It has grown to a dull itch rather then a perching pain .. It has been made null and done in by the pain my heart brings me for the love of my life , the one who lied about his feelings , He has ripped it out of my chest , painfully and slowly taking his time and plotting each and every single step he shall take .. To make me suffer more then I should , I see a copal and how cute they look together but then I look into her hims’ eyes and see , I see what I saw in my hims’ eyes , I shan't worn her for tiz her own petty fault as was my own when my "incident" happened .. I’m not mad at my him , I’m sure he couldn’t help it , it’s just one of those unfortunate inconveniences , I hope it was anyway even so I’m not mad , it was my own fault so as happy life goes on outside my cold chained window , I watch and wait to see all the unsuspecting victims who will end up like me but they’re different , they think they’ll have someone to blame ..

I am a heart breaker .. A manipulator of this thing we call love . A marrer of what we are mislead to believe as trust .. A player of the game that we think will last forever .. I could confine myself to one "lover" as u may put it but I owe it to myself to be picky .. The qualities that one lacks I find in another and the balance is quite satisfying .. Keeping them from each other is quite amusing .. A lie in a lie , their hearts , I'm bruising even though it's them I'm using .. The maker of this game yet I'm the one losing .. While so many spend their time adoring me , I only adore the one that doesn't return my adoration .. This complicating thought triggers a complicated lifestyle that will only lead to more complications for I am a heart breaker .. A manipulator of this thing we call love .. Right now all I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride because in the end , I'll be the only one dissatisfied ..

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