Putus Tunangg ;(

What a worst day .. i'm crying loikee a mother lost her child instead of dyingg with a lot of my heart .. Nape putus tunang ? haishh .. the story was loikeeee :
We've planned all this before for our engagement day .. All the things dahh beli kan ? even my ring pun u dahh beli .. Then yesterday u dtg rumah i .. bawak rombongan u tu lahh kan .. i don't know anything , ape yg u discuss ngan my parents cause i was upstairs .. bende tu dahh jdik adat ryte .. i kat atas dgn auntie u yg ade baby tu .. yeah ! yet i dukung dye .. the baby was so cute syygg .. bilerr i carry on the baby , i felt like i'm the baby's mother .. i felt like yeah i'm ready to be a mother .. i wish i would ! Then suddenly mama suruh i turun bwh .. i was really nervous yet thanks god cause everything will gonna settle down .. suddenly u balikk and without sayingg anything , mama ckp kite takk  jdikk tunangg .. how would it be like that syygg ? yes i'm cryingg in front of my house ! Letting everyone seeing me cry like a whole mad chicken !
and u've left me without nothing .. i think i'm gonna be crazy but i just strongg enough to face that .. now i know how much i love you when you doingg that to me .. yes i admit it , i didn't love you much before this cause i don't felt like doingg that .. but when u left me , now i know how you mean to me .. how i miss you .. how big enough is my love to you.. Aliff haykal , i love you b .. i wanna hug you syygg ..

Then i felt loikee the worlds shakingg .. my sis kejot i .. dye suruh i bangon .. i pun bangon lahh tidor kan .. dgn muke mcm ape ntah , menangesh bagai nakk rak , kaka i smpai ngat i kena rasuk .. ouchh ! Alhamdullilah semue tu mimpi je .. haha .. okayy .. Allah nakk bg i rase mcm ne i syg u cgt kan yg selame nieyh i nafikan bnde tu kat u .. yes i tao u selalu tnye , but okayy .. skrg bru i ngaku i syg u lg .. hee .. u jahat lahh kate i tidor takk bsoh kaki .. cubet kunk ;p oryteeee .. saturday nieyh jumpe lagi ok .. really miss youuuuuuu .. i syg u cgt .. allah je yg tao mcm ne hati i dekat u syg .. i'm so sorry for all the things yg i buat kat u dulu .. thanks for lovingg me and never give up to prove that :)

* awakk comel ! mcm baby dlm mimpi tu .. sy still lagi blh bao baby tu .. bao dye wangii cgt syyg .. nakk baby jugak boleh ? haha ;p *

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