Thanks For Making Me

Now ima tell u straight up , I miss u and i still care about u and im not scared to say , I'm not my strongest yet but i am strong enough to realize .. I needed grow old with a man who gives me respect , Not a little boy who only wants ta put hickies on my neck .. I'm too grown for that .. I want the whole package , Not jus the sexual actions .. See the love i gave u , I didn't know i needed to tell u , I wanted it back .. I gave u that love thats hard to find , Seeing if u would top that but i guess u ain't pass my test .. The 3 years i went through and finding out the results .. yeah ! what a mess but a mess i'm able to clean up and start from scratch again .. I ain't forgetting about u and moving on already , I ain't saying i don't care anymore .. All im saying is "Thank You" for being there for me and i know that might sound dumb but just keep reading , Who said i was done ?? I said "Thank You"coz u gave me the strength i never felt before to do things in the future , I never thought of .. See , I'm finally glad my ropes let go to be that bridge that fell apart coz that wus the last time for me to be walked on !

Eh Belum Habis Lagi .. Like Kejap

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bila blog bercerita said...

cinte memerlukan pengorbanan....

amira marlisya said...

hee .. pengotbanan yg menyakertkan ??