A Lesson

I never stopped to realize how lonely I would be , I never thought the day would come when you'd grow tired of me .. Your voice was never sweeter than the day you said goodbye , You'll never know how much it hurt .. If I knew then what I know now , You'd still be kissing me instead there's someone else's lips where mine used to be .. I say hello and wish you well each time I pass you by but you'll never know how much it hurt .. You never looked so wonderful as the day you walked away , I used to say "I love you" but that I could not say .. I can't forget you babe , No matter how much I try , You'll never know how much it hurt because I'm too big to cry .. 
I've learned a lot of lessons in the short time I have lived , I've learned how to appreciate and I've learned how to give but in these past few months there's two I'll remember most , I've learned how to love and I've learned to let go .. You entered my life with such a force and left it with one as strong and though we tried to make it last , We both knew it wouldn't be long .. I lie at night and think about how I'm the one to blame if only I would have trusted you .. I could have missed this pain and so I spent each day of my life with my heart in pieces and when I thought it could never be cured , Something happened , I expected it least .. I guess my soul was all cried out and it was tired of being used and even though I know I'm guilty , I was tired of being accused and so I've learned to end this without an urge to cry , These are my final words to you , "I love you and goodbye" ..

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