Please Don't Cryyyyyyy

Please don’t cry , I’m not really gone , When you look out the window , I’ll be standing on the lawn .. I’ll see you again , Don’t be sad , Keep up your chin .. I’m not really dead , When you cry yourself to sleep , I’ll be by your bed .. Please don’t cry , Just because we had to part , As long as you remember me , I’ll live in your heart .. I’m not gone forever , I’ll be a cool and gentle breeze in hot summer weather .. Don’t run and hide , When you need a shoulder to lean on , I’ll be by your side .. When you’re sad and weak , I’ll be there to kiss you on the lips .. Please don’t cry , This is not a goodbye so please oh please baby , do not cry ..

Don’t be sad , I don’t want to see you cry , I’m not forever away , Nothing could ever keep me that far away , People die , Just don’t plead .. Why ?? Know I’ll still answer to that nickname , Don’t weep when you hear it , Don’t be sad and never fear it , Speak to me as if I was still here , No weakening yourself with useless tears , Death cannot separate us , All my love and all my trust ..

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you ..I love you more than you'll ever know syygg ..

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