In This moment ...

See the sunlight shining bright , Over my sad day-dream world , Standing so close to oblivion , I can feel your heart beating .. It's like waking up to the end of a sad , sad , sad dream land , Kiss me hello and throw My griefs to those sad , sad , sad dream winds .. Forget all the bad things for this moment , I swear I'll never let you fall alone together for just one more moment , Here in this forgotten moment .. 

Every new beginning comes from some beginnings end .. Every time you kill me , I am born again .. Every time you close that door , Another door is opened and every time you say goodbye , a different word is spoken .. Every time you look at me , my back is facing you and every time you ask to see me , I'll have something else to do .. Every time I join your game , You're not playing fair and every time I really love you , I pretend that I don't care ..

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