I'm just the way i am

I'm just the way i am and I'm not going to change me .. i like the way i act and i dint care if you dint like me .. cant no one tell me how to live my life but my parents so didnt think just cause you dint like me I'm going to worry cause you got if all wrong so sorry .. I'm just me thats all i can be .. i try my best to fit with the best and all the rest but it will not work so I'm not going to argue and fight .. over something stupid so you Best think twice cause I'm just the way i am and no one's gonna change me .. i might get silly i might sing stupid songs and i might make you mad by my rhythm to a song but you dint scare me none .. not a bit not a little cause I'm going to stay just the way i am and do ones going to change me ..

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