and the reason is you

Behind this smile is a piece of you .. the memory that hurts the most never forgetting you every inch of my body is covered with your finger prints .. behind this smile is a frown , eyes that are bloodshot and bloody tears that fall down .. behind these eyes are flashbacks of every moment I've spent with you .. in my mouth are the words i didn't say because i was scared knowing you'd walk away but you still did and that made all the difference .. behind this smile is a fear that you will never come back that one day everyone will get the call saying he's not coming back .. would it go that far i don't know but right now that's how i feel worthless and defeated .. behind this smile is all my fears of you and me and what was real ..

all the hugs and all the kisses i thought i knew , i knew you loved me , i knew you did but right now i wonder then how could you do this to me .. you loved me and i loved you i thought that was enough i wish i knew .. behind these eyes are tears that won't come out my sign of weakness that i can't show , to show I'm strong and it won't effect me but inside it's eating me alive .. behind this smile is a frown because now i have to live without you around .. in this head there are thoughts memories of you and me never forgotten , never lost in my heart i will never forget you  .. it's a promise I've made with every intent to keep .. you were the first guy i said those words to that almost made me cry when you said them back to me (i love you ) .. you will always have a little piece of my heart because you earned it and because i would want you have it .. you will always be a part of me and always in my heart just like the first day i said those words that meant the most to both of us (i love you ) , you will always be the reason i smile .. i love you and i always will no matter what happened between us i'm always here for you and i know your here for me .. you mean the world to me only if you knew ..


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