I guess that love wasn't enough ..

I saw it in your eyes .. You wanted to let me go since the 1st night but baby I still care about you .. How can you give up so easily thought we had something special & it hurts me deep inside , You don't want me in your life .. So I guess I wasn't good enough .. You said you wasn't ready for a relationship but deep down I knew it was more than that .. You tried so hard not to break my heart but you were the one that kept it all apart .. Now that your gone , I'm all alone & sad .. I'm missing you right now , Hoping maybe you will come back .. syygg , tell me what did I ever do wrong .. I gave you my all .. We deserve a second chance ..Look at me & tell me you don't feel me .. You don't feel a thing .. Tell me you don't want to be with me .. You wanna leave so I guess it wasn't good enough .. I guess what I'm feeling is just make believe cause I can't believe You don't wanna be with me .. All the things you said , the things we did .. That doesn't mean a thing so I guess I wasn't' worth a second chance ..

I have loved you though you hated me .. I was always there waiting , hoping , wishing , praying you'll come and love me back .. I have loved you watching helplessly while you drink away your pain , while you watch the blade ride across your wrist , a red river flowing out .. I have loved you forever hoping you will see the light and hear the laughter forever hoping you'll come back to me .. I have loved you while you lay in the hospital , ashamed , afraid , and defeated .. I have loved you although I say my final goodbye .. as I lay you to rest , I realize you have finally found your peace , I have loved you but I guess it wasn't good enough ..

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