what goes around comes around

A figment of my imagination ,That's all you are to me , Our relationship was never real , I was just too blind to see .. I remember who you were but dont care who you are , I hope things aren't good for you .. Yeah , you pushed me that far .. I laugh at your misery and dance in your pain , I would swim in your tears if I had something to gain .. Your name means nothing , Your face is a joke , I hope you drown in your sorrow and on every word you choke .. With every hit you take , I hope you die a little more inside , I hope your conscience eats at you and someone tears away all of your foolish pride ..

I hope you lose all senses and never feel happiness again , I hope you look into the mirror and see your only friend .. I hope you never forgive yourself and live your life in regret , I hope you remember it all because I will never forget .. I will never forget the loss I endured for your pathetic gain or the pleasure you recieved from my moments of Pain .. Karma is a b***h , All the Great Ones Say , You'll get yours honey , Believe that it is on it's way and when you are sinking , Please reach for my hand so I can push you deeper , Your future is nothing more than quick sand .. If you see me , You might as well look away , What goes around, comes around , That is the price you pay ..
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