The onlyyyy one

It's really hard to forget someone like you, who always makes me feel special in everything I do. And not like the other boys I met before, You're the only one I will Love forever more!

No other love I can find sweeter than you, words are not enough to express how much I love you. No other love can replace my love for you, because my love was meant only for you!

This day I promise not to hurt you anymore and I will do everything just to make you feel comfortable, with me, you'll never regret for choosing me as your partner. cause I will love you today and forever more!

so please babe, comeback to me. I'm gonna die if you will leave me, since you're gone, my life became so empty. And I tell you boy, you really made me crazy!

But I promise if you'll come back again, I will love you, until the world reaches its end. And no other love can take you away from me!! coz, this greatest love was meant for you and me!

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