everytime ..

No doubt I'm falling fast for you , aware there's nothing I can do cause every time I see your face back in my head these feelings race .. Can't help it , stop it : Can't control it : don't know how I'll manage holding all these feelings deep inside and through my teeth right to you: lie .. It's hard to put a smile on aware you have no clue that every time you put a smile on I fall ten feet for you .. Dreams just aren't the same since you've consumed them with your face : Wishing I had nightmares so the fantasies would fade ..

I do not wish for love back just that sometime I'll soon return to when I didn't even know you when this lust had yet to churn .. I don't want love to interfer with goals I've planned to tackle here : I want you gone ! Oh , Won't you leave ! Please , won't you just stop haunting me but still you stay and still I dream regardless of my desperate pleads : At night , I dream of fertile love , I know shall never come about .. I don't want to love you more , no longer fall down towards the floor : Don't want to fall ten feet again so won't you please stop smiling ?
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