something bout love ..

I first want to start wit a letta ! Baby I love you , you know who are ! Your my life and so much more and will be forever ! I'm so glad I met you and I'm so glad God has blessed me wit you ! Theres so much I love about you , theres not just one thing ! Words cant begin to express how I feel ! Lets go to a place only lovers go to a spot dat we never know to da top of da clouds we float , Sail away , OOOOOOOOhhhHHHHH this feels so crazy , OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH this love is blazin , baby im so high walkin on cloud 9 ! Theres not one thing I would change bout us , So please quit sayin that and makin a fuss , We'll be togetha till da world ends boy , Everytime I think of us it brings me joy !

You say theres something you cant place , You say theres something bout my face , Baby take my word for it okay , You've neva met me till today ! I say lovin you makes my heart race , You say you love lookin at my beautiful face , We say our love is so strong we feel like we're in space , We both know we'll be togetha soon in dat place ! Words cant begin to express how I feel , Bein here wit out you sometimes its hard to deal , What gets me through each wakin hour is knowing we love each otha and that has power ! Baby you're my life and everything in between , Baby I love it when you call me yo queen , I dont want to be put up on a shelf fo show but our love and devotion I want people to know ! Baby you know who u be dis is fo u !
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