To my baby boy ;(

The only thing i want from you is love .. Love to fill my craving heart .. Only you can make all things right .. My feelings and my life .. I'm too lost in you .. Deep inside of me you're the breath  .. The blood that flows through my Veins .. You're my body , my soul .. My sweetheart my only love .. You made my life so colorful .. The rainbow in my heaven .. With you i feel like at the cloud eleven .. 

The love I have for you is strong .. All those times we spent together is beautiful .. The way you hold me . kiss me and care for me made me feel loved and cared about all these years .. You and me seems to last forever in our undying love together .. It was love at first sight when we saw each other .. It was love that held us together through all these years and the three words that have kept our love together is ''i love you syygg''
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