Letter to my romeo ..

Every day I think of you ,Every day I miss you , Every day I want you to be with me , Every day I think of how lucky I am to have you , Every day I wonder what you see in me , Every day I know I'm not good enough for you but every day I remember you like me enough to be with me ..

Writing is never easy its a string of emotions that rush through you and by the time they reach your fingertips sometimes you just cant find the words .. I could write you a thousand meaningless poems that have been written and rewritten a thousand times talking about the same things that everyone feels when they fall in love .. Butterflies in your stomach , shivers down your spine , and how you have never been happier and though these things would be true they don't even begin to describe half of the thoughts going through my head .. They don't begin to tell you that I love when you kiss me slowly because it takes my breath away everytime or when you whisper I love you when you think I'm sleeping .. It doesnt begin to describe how it feels to wake up with your arms or when you look me in the eyes and see through the masks I had behind .. Simple words on a page could never tell you what you tell me when you kiss me slowly or whisper I love you in my ear .. Its not about the words you say its the moments you treasure .. Its about all the little things you do that makes loving you feel so amazing that I just cant put it all into words .. I love you ALIFF HAYKAL , More than I ever thought possible .. 

Love Always,
Amira Marlisya ................
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