I'll still catch a grenade for ya

Someone has cast a spell on me .. I wonder and wonder , oh who could it be ? .. Someone makes my adrenaline pump and my heart race everyday this someone puts a smile on my face .. Someone has magically made me fall head over heel but sometimes I wonder how my someone feels .. This someone has conquered all my thoughts and hit me emotionally in all the right spots .. My wishes were granted when we first met .. The moment we kissed is one I'll never forget .. He fills my days with happiness and delight , I love it when we touch and hold each other tight .. He gives me a feeling I've never felt before .. His great personality is one thing I highly adore .. There's something in him I just can't explain , His smile and laughter make me go insane .. My companion , my partner , and very best friend .. The connection between us will never ever end .. I hope my someone knows how much he means to me ..I don't know what else to do to make him see ..This someone is one of the greatest things in the world ..

 I'm so happy he's my man and I'm his girl .. I can't find words to express how I feel inside .. We tell each other everything , there's nothing to hide .. He swept me off my feet by just being true .. Now to be next to him is all I wanna do .. Why do I want him in a way I can't express ? Why do I think he's the best of the best ? There's so many reasons , I could go on and on .. Sunrise to sunset , dusk till dawn , Who is this someone you ask , I'll tell you who , This one special someone of mine , is you ....
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