Super power siblings ! :)

My seven year old sister is like my crayon colored room .. Just like the colors of my wall change so does her attitude .. From pink to black , from happy to mad , from black to green , from mad to grumpy , from green to grey , from grumpy to sad , from grey to blue , from sad to tired , from blue to orange , from tired to hungry but the greatest color of all is the color brown representing her angelic innocence .. The innocence you can see in her eyes Eventhough she’s the one holding the crayon :)

Some say threes a crowd but not me .. I’m sure my two sisters would agree .. Just like crackers , cheese and wine .. we’re different but together : divine .. The cracker is my elder sister , Fifi .. She can be hard and snappy but oh ,she’s a savory treat - an essential and in our trio , very influential ..

Nana is the second one , she’s cheese .. Like feta , she’s soft , there to please but she can be crumbly if distressed .. She’s adorable .. To that we’ll attest .. 

That makes me wine. .. I’m the middle child .. Warning : too much of me may send you wild ! I’m fruity , ideal to help you unwind .. Age has matured me well , my sisters find .. So , you see we’re quite the combination and hold each other in high admiration .. Delectable on our own but as a set : sublime .. That’s us : FiFi , Nana and Marlisya ;p

My little brother is my toy .. Always making me play with him .. My little brother is my happiness .. Always making me happy when I’m sad .. My little brother is my soul .. I wouldn’t be happy without him .. My little brother is my earth .. It might fall if something happens to him .. He loves me , Aggravates me , and gives me strength and strife .. Thank goodness for my 2 little brother .. He is as special as can be .. Don't mess with my little brother or you'll have to mess with me ! -,-

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