I Hate you ! ;(

i hate you for loving me , i hate you for hurting me , i hate that you call , i hate that you’re with her and not me but after all i hate myself for loving you .. I’m tired .. This is tearing us apart .. If I could ask for anything .. I’d ask for a new start .. You’re right , They didn’t mean anything .. Gained my sight but Lord , I cannot see .. Written words but you simply cannot read .. What is this ? I’m lying until I’m free’d .. Well , Hope you find some better rest .. Wake to a fright , My heart , my love , it’s not all just a test .. 

When we were still together I truly loved you but what’s happening right now .. I guess we are through , it’s really hard for me to get off with you but I know this might be good for both me and you .. I love you but i have to set you free .. I’ve come to realized that you’re no longer happy with me .. Even though it hurts , I have to say “good bye” .. It’s really hard for me to live without you but promise i would try to move on .. It hurts me so much but i have to let you go but before letting you go , there’s one thing i want you to know .. I just want you to know that “I am always here for you , whenever you need a friend , to lean on en shoulder to cry on” .. Before i let you go , i want to say that someday , soon You gonna MISS ME ..
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