It is damn easy :)

It is damn easy to make spagethi/pasta .. That's why i really love to cook and eat it .. Tasty ! ;p This is how to make it .. Fried your favourite dish such as chicken ball and sosej ..

Actually i really love to eat my pasta with chicken ball .. But today my chicken ball have been exhausted coz my siblings really love to eat them .. So , i will cut it into pieces anfd just put in in my pasta sauce later :) .. Then , boil the pasta ....

And will become like this :) ..

Next , just heat up your pasta sauce ..

I always used the leggo's sauce because it is very yummy than others .. If u didn't believe it , just buy and try this :)

Heat it and put your addtional ingredients :)

Lastly , the pasta is prepared and ready to eat .. :)

FOR MORE TASTIER ; add some cheese ;p
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