My Heart , My love , My soul ..

With all the hardships and pain laughs , long talks .. sometimes we drive each other insane but when it comes to loving you , I do .. no one could ever compare because no one is as support, caring, and true with all my heart .. I love you more and more from start to end to end from start .. our loves grows with every breath we take .. you are my love my hear my soul no matter what the price or risks I must take or even what I have to sacrifice .. you are my love , my only one .. I will be here with you until the end ..

You came into my life on a simple way ..
Told me you love me almost everyday .. 
Showed me happiness and made me smile ..
I started to love you after awhile ..

My wish is that our love may never die.. 
I wished that from the day we gave us a try .. 
When I woke up this morning you were on my mind .. 
Love you completely although they say love is blind .. 
Forever yours that's how I feel .. 
I trust you completely for real ..

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