Hey babe , I'm sorry ....

I'm sorry that I hurt you .. It's not what I meant to do ..I’m Sorry .. I’m sorry for the words I spoke .. I’m sorry for the words I wrote .. I’m sorry I multiplied your woes .. I’m sorry for my self sow .. I’m sorry I abandon you .. I’m sorry for what I didn’t do .. I’m sorry that we’re miles apart .. I’m sorry for what can’t be undone .. I’m sorry what I have become .. I wish I could turn back the time ..

Sorry I can’t talk to you straight .. Sorry I can’t look into your eyes .. Sorry I can’t have fun with you .. Sorry I can’t be a shoulder to lean on .. Sorry I can’t be someone you can cry on .. Sorry I can’t accept your love .. Sorry I can’t be your girl .. Sorry I can’t love you the way you love me too .. Sorry coz I’m not really the one for you .. Maybe i'll be yours for someday .. I hope so ....HEY BABE , I'M SORRYY ..
Eh Belum Habis Lagi .. Like Kejap

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