I Miss You . . .

 I've bit my nails down to none .they told me it gets easier but sometimes It feels like its just begun .. Some days I'm alright , Others I grow tense , I wait around my phone but when you call , my thoughts never make sense .. I've grown impatient , fighting with my head and heart .. Its not our first journey but these miles have torn me apart .. My bed is empty .. I'm not as strong as I pretend to be and sometimes all it takes is a stupid song to get to me .. I miss your face , I miss our fights , I miss you , I miss our life ..

I know nothing's going to change at this very second even when I think there's hope for you, hope for I .. Our arguments throw me into a corner .. I breakdown and I cry .. I don't know why I was so stubborn or why you had to leave .. Why didn't you remember, when your gone my hearts shallow .. There is no beat .. I will always love you after every tear you've made me cry .. You will always be my most favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.
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