Bukak buku baru AMIRA ! :)

A few sips and I'm already a ditz , Drinking my life away .. These are the days .. Ones a rush , Two makes me feel like a mush , Three and I'm ready to spill .. Much more then my guts but this is what I live for to drink away my pain .. Wake up in the morning with much more to pay .. Not being able to control myself or remembering what I did but in the moment when I get that buzz , It all gets better because It helps me forget why I'm not dead :) ..

Enough of crying ! I don't wanna be such a looser gurl anymore .. :) Just cheer up and start my new life .. Enough for the 1o days i've cried for the man that doesn't want me anymore .. It hurts a lot but i'm trying to comfirt myself with it .. Then , i'll be a gurl that have a life and enjoy it .. :)

Starting from today , AMIRA MARLISYA taknak sedyh2 lagi .. cukoplah ape yg you dah buat kat i . Maybe semue salah i tp takk boleh salahkan for 100% okayy ? hmm .. maybe i memang bukan ntok you .. I hope u jmpe gurl yg lagi baek drpd i kan ?? :) aminn ~ yeah .. No more sadness .. Go ! Go ! Marlisya :) You can do it .. BUKAK BUKU BARU AMIRA ! :)
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