Happy Mother's Day Mama

Being your daughter is the best thing in the world to tell you the truth , I am the luckiest girl .. I want to thank you for being there every day and even more so for putting up with me in every way .. You were always there to fill in what I lack , I wish there was a way to pay you back ..
You made me the centerpiece of your life , You face the battle when I strife , I can't thank you enough for all you have done .. Mama , you can never be compared to anyone .. You crack up joke when I am sad , You are the best mother a child could ever have , You cheer me up when I lose , You sew up the hole on the sole of my shoes , You know when something's happened or something's going on , You seem to be like a super woman .. You turn my moon into a sun , The night into daytime , You've done too much though my life has just begun .. You give me shelter and food to eat and massage my strain feet , You support me and hold me tall , You stand me high and don't let me fall , You make my life easier in every way and that's the reason I want to say I love you today !
On this day I just want to say how I love you day after day , How I miss you when you're not here and how you can be so kind and dear .. I'll love through the time of pains , Through the storm and the rain , Mama I also want to know how I appreciate the love you show , You might not realize the love I show but I sure don't wont you to go , You're the best mama a child could have .. We've also had some great laughs , There's one more thing I want to say , This is to tell you ..

Happy Mothers Day :)

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