They'll lesson my own pain

When is it time to say goodbye to all the love I've known when is it time to end your pain and leave me all alone ?? I've watched you on your good days when I feel your strength renewed but shortly after little ups the down days then ensue .. We ride this roller-coaster of emotions as we try to make it through another day and yet , I can't deny .. That as I look into your face on days that have been bad , I see a look that beckons me , It's tired and hurt and sad .. The little spark I used to see behind those loving eyes is growing ever clouded by life's cruel inhumane side .. I try to see beyond the pain , You feel with every step and softly whisper to myself , This may get better yet .. If I can bear to watch you just another day or two : I justify my reasons to ensure I cling to you for letting go is harder for the person left behind : It means that if I let you go , I cannot turn back time ..
 Back to the days I long for now when you were full of life and every day held promise and our futures clear and bright but now the lights are darkening , We take it daily now , I cannot see our futures clear or think beyond this cloud .. I think the hardest part in this is never knowing why , I have to be courageous and I have to say goodbye .. For if I let myself admit , It's time to let you go , I'd have to face reality without you but I know that soon I have to face the final outcome that I dread and holding on will only serve to hurt you in the end .. You've given such unselfish love for all our time in life but if I hold too tightly , You'll not move toward the light .. On to a better life where you can once again be free of all the pain and discomfort that holds you here to me .. So if I find the courage just to say this last farewell , I hope you will forgive me for the time it took me : still .. I'll hold with me the memories that in my heart remain , Pray one day , down the road aways , They'll lesson my own pain .. 

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