It's Hard To Find A True Friend

We hung out almost anywhere , with one another .. We were always together , You said forever .. When we came to high school , I tried to hold on to you .. So I finally gave up .. So I now hold on to the memories .. You come to talk, once in a while but I only give, you a smile .. I'm trying not to cry , All I was to do is say BYE .. When you needed me I was there for you , I let you cry on me , I let you talk to me , I kept the secrets you told me but why when I needed the most you left like I didn't even matter , I thought that you would be there for me but when I looked for you .. You wouldn't let me cry on you , You wouldn't let me talk to you , You wouldn't keep the secrets I told you but out of all of the things you did to me , I still was there for you even when you weren't there for me , I just wish that you were there for me .. 

I was thinking of what had happened between my best friend and I .. Though it is sad , I've grown stronger from the experience ..

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