I'm so over it

I'm over your lies and I'm over your games , I'm over you asking me when you know I'm not okay .. You call me at night and I pick up the phone and though you be telling me , I know you're not alone .. That's why your eyes and your smile I'm over it .. I'm over your hands and I'm over your mouth , Trying to drag me down and fill me with self doubt and that's why your world , I'm over it so sure I'm not your girl .. Don't call , don' t come by , Ain't no use , don't ask me why , You'll never change , There'll be no more crying in the rain .. I'm over it for wanting you to be wanting me , No that ain't no way to be , How I feel , read my lips because I'm so over , I'm sorry .. Moving on and it's my time , You never were a friend of mine , Hurt at first , a little bit but now I'm so over it ..

They say your first true love , It never dies and its true 'cause this still hurts inside , Why have I been thinking of you so much lately , I'm with him but you're filling my mind with all those memories .. We were never together , I was never even good enough for you , I was just your toy , All you did was carry me above the world then watch me fall , One minute I was part of you .. The next I was just another girl you hate , How can you do that , You made me so afraid and I thought it was over , I thought I was through with the memories of you but they're still there , I can't do this to him , He's my world now , I don't want it to come crumbling down , I don't want you in my mind .. Why did it have to be you and why won't these thoughts leave , Why do I still want you to notice me when I never even see you anymore , Our time was just a blur to me yet the feelings were real .. It was over and every now and then I see you when I do I want you to see me too but you never even look in my direction , It wouldn't make a difference , It doesn't matter anymore , you're not going to destroy all I've built this year ..

*sorry it's really bad but I've just been thinking about this guy I used to like a lot lately*  

Eh Belum Habis Lagi .. Like Kejap

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