I Don't Love You Like I Did Yesterday ..

Love is strange measured in different range if the frequencies don't match , You are bound to miss the catch .. This strange thing guess happened to me where I thought he was the one meant to be but got a glimpse of the fake in his , I really thank my stars , didn't get into him .. Everything seemed magical , Strange things took place and became tragical .. Love was not even at my par cause his lies covered it far .. Boys say they need love and care as they feel that its rare but when they get the rare , They forget it comes with a cost to spare .. Things change drastically and so did with me cause love was not his cup of tea , All he wanted was to kill time with me .. Not live with or be there for me .. This leaves me speechless , making my life meaningless .. Thinking if I was true to my heart then why had him to call it apart .. Thinking for days long , Where do I actually belong , Sinking in the storm , Today revealing the norms .. Better be careful all my friends as love is strange and do have sad ends cause love does have two sides , one is our and the other may be blind .. 
I gave it my all , I fought with all I had to keep the flame of our love , Burning strong but I give up .. It wearies me trying to rekindle the fire from the dying embers , What can I say ?? It pains me trying to elicit a love from you which just aint there , I give up .. As I shed these tears tonight where will you be ?? Will you think of me like I thought of you all those years as I shed these tears tonight , will you care that I'm alive or am I simply another whisper on the wind to remind you of thing past and as my tears fall to the ground , will you ever be there to catch them as they roll off my cheek .. These tears I shed tonight are for you but will you ever care as the last tear leaves my eye and I drift off to the clutches of sleep , will you care or will you simply say "I don't love you like I did yesterday"?

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