Broken Toy Soldier

We buy broken hearts and boil them in white pots , We mix 'em up, cook 'em up and feed them to our cats and when the cats have had their fill and say they've had enough , We wait until they shit 'em up, and gather up the stuff , We put the hearts in buckets and give 'em to the chefs .. Who roll them out on baking sheets and stick on top the chips then they throw them in the oven and cook them till they're well then we feed them to the kiddies , who say "Gee sir, they're swell!" then we hand the kids a little flag which they begin to wave .. Stick 'em in the audience of a Veteran's Day Parade .. As the troops go marching by with flashbacks in their eyes .. They see the bright-eyed angels and they begin to sigh for once a long long time ago , they stood on the side , Till a recruiter came to them and told them all his lies then they're standing in an office , standing proud and tall .. They look all around 'em , see a hundred others in the hall , They hold up their right hands , they say they'll do it all then we send them off to war , they see all around them fall .. Kids, soldiers, dreams, hopes till all that stands are broken toy soldiers , Yes ! we buy broken hearts of now-childless moms and sell them in ribbons in booths at strip malls , We buy broken hearts of now-widowed wives , Who work hard everyday to keep her kids alive .. We buy broken hearts of now-broken men then make them re-enlist for heartless men will do it again , We buy broken hearts of now-fatherless sons , Wait till they grow up and sell them all our guns , Send them off to fight in a different-but-same war , Tell them "Hadji killed your dad," so they'll kill more and more .. Yes ! we buy broken hearts and stick 'em in our songs , We buy broken hearts and insert 'em in our speeches , We buy broken hearts and stick 'em on the back of our pickup trucks , We buy broken hearts to help our war machine go round and soon one day we'll buy yours and throw you in the ground ..

haha .. hari nieyh taktao nakk cite ape .. so cite about toy soldier je lahh .. ahha .. ape ntah i merepek kat atas .. taktao lahh kan .. haha ;p wahh , sekejap nye nakk ary sabtu .. takot =.='  ouhh yuhh .. kucenx baru i nieyh asyek menangesh je .. org nakk pegang takot .. haiyoo .. taktao nakk buat ape dahh .. sedyh tgk dye mcm tue .. syygg , cube you dtg rumah tgk kucenx i nieyh :( syg , syg , syg .. i misss youuuuu .. hee .. hari2 rendu .. takde 1 day pun yg i takk rendu you .. haha .. you je yg takk rendu i ;p wekk2 .. ahaa .. mengade doe i nieyh =,=' lailailai ~~ boring nyeeeeeee .. nakk tidur takk blh .. hari ni mama keje .. jup g adekk blikk takde org bukak pintu .. alaa , kacao lahh didi nieyh .. cepad lahh balik .. kak ngah nakk tidor =,=' sek drpd pagee ptg2 bru blik .. buat ape ntah .. hahhaa ;p budak2 nieyh .. kacao aemanmmg hrpn lahh nakk reply text i k .. dye suke amekk jln mudah , col terus .. haha .. ape lahh sygg .. love you :) shalalalala ~ erkk .. nakk mkn tp takk lapar .. haha .. apekah ? ouhh yuh .. dahh 3 ary mmpi kne patok ular .. haha .. terase kot .. scary betol .. then mlm td mmpi ade pocong kat katil .. ngarod2 je .. haish .. blerr nakk dpt mimpi yg best2 .. ^^ next week ade test .. eceyh , nakk tulis text .. takk boleh blah .. ahhahaha ;p k lahh nakk study add math .. chiaaaoooo :)

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