Your Kind of friendship :)

It takes more than caring to be a real friend : The nature of friendship requires a blend of warmest compassion and love deep and true to reach and to comfort .. The way that you do because I can see that your kind of friendship is priceless to me ..

Friendship is a blessing , it’s the best you have to share , The talents and the wisdom , the capacity to care .. It’s being there to lend support , whatever needs arise , It’s making sure that others know they’re special in your eyes .. Friendship is a blessing, and to all who have a friend , It’s one of the most precious gifts that life could ever send ..

No storm , no snow and no weather can move from where i stand , No person , no animal and no insect can take away my pride , I stand to guide , I stand to lead , I stand for support most of all i stand for you , I'm here to help you , I'm not here to leave , I'm here to lift you no watch you fall , what ever happens , I shall go for it all , I will make sure you are safe for you i stand and i shall stand alone , No body else will stand so I'll stand through it all , I'm still standing , Never to fade and never to fall .. My wonderful friends , Darling you have shown me so much and protected me from an awful lot .. You made me strong and i will never again fall .. I know i can be there for you when ever you need me and i shall never fall into something we can't get out .. No matter what comes along my darling i will carry you through ..

love always your true friend :)
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enn Qaa said...

alamak mar!! jgn buat kita menangiss~~ terharu la plak ^_^ LOL xD ... tENgss yaw!! (: