missing you

Would you just listen and please don't say a word , just yet , I'd like you to think back to the very first time we met , How you felt around me ?? The memories we shared and just remember that you really cared .. You were a special part of my life that I will never forget , You gave me some happy memories that I'll keep in my heart although sometimes I wish that you and I didn't have to part .. You were my first love and my true love that will always be so after all of the heartache, sadness and never ending pain , I know , You and I had something special and that will never change .. Would you just listen and please don't say a word , not ever , I'd like you to remember that once upon a time , we said forever , That I had hopes and dreams , that I was the one who threw them away and this is something I will never regret until my dying day ..

Missing from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of soul , Reminiscing of all the good times , we shared , Wondering how life would have been if you were still here , Most likely fun and full of excitement , Waking up knowing you are not here saddens me .. Knowing that you are not suffering , means the world .. As time on this planet moves on I understand more &more .. When your ticket is called it is your time to move on , NO QUESTIONS ASKED , I think a lot about why this is , The answers I received where blank until now .. Life is a chess game you fight until you cant fight .. You move until you cant move , Scarifies are made but which is good for you , Memories of you are better than watching you suffer , I rather see you leave than see you hurt , I love you & will never stop ..

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