Hey Soul Sister !

err .. title takde kena mengena pun .. ahhaha .. ermm .. ary nieyh nakk ckp bi balikk .. haha .. okayy2 .. start speaking .. 3 , 2 , 1 go !

To the one love , To the one I enter , A marriage bond .. To my darling dove , The one I endeavor , A contemporary trust .. My prince will be there to carry me of my feet , to put me where my heart sleeps .. He always picks me up when I’m down .. My love , My true , My perfect prince charming .. this is dedicated and inspired by my baby aeman .. haha .. U swept me off my feet ;p

I love you because you are honest and strong , right here in my arms is where you belong , you hold me , console me and you are my best boy .. i can't live without you , no need to pretend .. i love you because you light up my days , fill my heart and my soul with your sweet loving ways .. i love you because you never pretend and if i'm hardheaded you always give in , you're so easy to love , so hard to forget , faithfull and true , since the day that we met i could search the world over and still never find a love like yours , you are one of a kind .. i love you because you are quick to forgive , overlooking my faults , each day that i live , so slow to anger , so quick to respond , to my loving wishers , above and beyond ..

you feel my heart with joy i don't want to leave you , your heart is connected to mine each and every day , you understand me better than any one else , i'll miss you to much if we leave , your my heart , my soul , my everything i miss you and i want to be with you each and everyday .. i love you Mr . Aeman ..

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