The Diary of janeeeeeeee

We were just friends at the start , Always having fun , never apart then one day , something sparked , The next thing I knew , you had my heart .. The days flew by , I lost track of time , Everytime I was with you , I was on cloud nine .. Then one day , you asked me to be your girlfriend .. I exclaimed , yes ! and prayed we'd last until the very end .. No one could look into my eyes and say I wasn't happy , happy that I was with you and you were with me .. 

With me in your arms , you told me you loved me then gently kissed my forehead and gave me a squeeze .. I was convinced you were the one for me , Apart from you , I would never be .. Just when I thought all was well , Was when you began to put me through hell .. You said , we should just be friends , That's when I knew it was the end .. I looked into your eyes , trying to find out why , It was all I could do , not to begin to cry .. Where I once saw love , I saw nothing , I couldn't believe you no longer felt something .. I lay in bed , counting my tears , Each representing what I'd hoped would be years .. Years of happiness for us to be together , A long-lived life forever and ever but in my heart , I know this will never be for in yours , no longer is there a place for me .. I gave you my all , I gave you my heart , Little did I know that you'd tear it apart .. Everyday I place a smile on my face as for tears , there is not a trace .. You ripped me apart but yet it's true , Forever and always , I'll still love you .. 

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