Without youuuuu

There is a beauty in your face , it is filled with peacefulness and grace overrun with eloquence completely am I in suspense when I look into your eyes , I see all the colors of the skies inside roses and violets blow with a tender peaceful flow .. when I see you I am filled with butterflies ones that will never ever die .. I cannot help but look and stare at the pretty colors of your hair .. I wanna be with you day and night so I can hug you and hold you tight .. if I smell the lovely air to you it does not compare even if you are to cry , you are inclusive beauty to my eye .. I am so in love with you , I only hope that you are too .. just to make sure and let you know . I will always love you so .. if my life is ever to be true , baby my heart is incomplete without you ..

My tears are flowing for you as my mind wonders and heart beats , 
My body is nothing without you 
and as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry and my thoughts weaken and try to forget ,
 I feel like nothing without you .. 
The beats within my chest were real , 
Something that no one will ever steal when there is nothing without you 
but as I try to forget you more and more My body grows weaker and begins to wear ,
 Mind floats , rises to react , 
 I know I'm nothing without you ..

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