Whyyyyyyyyyy ??

I get up and out of bed , Try to forget all those things we said .. It's now over for good , I promised myself to leave it right there here I stood .. People always tell me things will get better but I find myself writing you half a letter .. How did we fall so far apart , You left me not knowing where to start .. I am here now trying to find out how to survive and struggling to just keep myself alive .. I remember when you were a hero in my eyes , You were always there to give me a suprise but those are just long lost memories of mine , Maybe this is our life design .. I spent so many days cold and lonely , I believed that you were my one and only .. There are some things in my head I'll take to my grave but it won't be all that love that I gave .. You made me so emotionless and you gave me all this stupid stress .. I try to believe in things I can't see but is there even hope for me ! My back is up against a wall and it's hard for me to keep standing tall .. Life just isn't worth it anymore , You left me standing at the door .. You said it's time to say goodbye and I just wondered why ??

Why burn my heart when you know its in ashes ?? Why try to kill me when you know I’m already dead ?? You’re doing this to hurt me and I know it , You’re getting to deep in my head .. I don’t want to listen to your apologizes , I don’t want to listen to your crying .. You say your dieing but I don’t care , What are you trying to hide I know your lying , I hate you with all my heart .. You can say that your want to start new but my pages are already filled , I thought you already knew .. I don’t want to ever see you again , I don’t want your s*** , I hate you with all my heart , I don’t even love you, not even a bit , Leave me alone ! walk away and never come back for all I care ..
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