What the hell ! -,-

I’m writing this in frustration , Can’t you feel my pain , Do you feel like it’s your job to make my life miserable every fucking day and the answer is yes im hurting deep with in , Its not just because of you .. Can you see all the scares in my writing and no you couldn’t get a better picture of me if you met me first hand because all that I am is in this ink , This ink is all I can ever be and im not going to care what you think of this rhyme because honestly it has nothing to do with you .. I don’t think it came from your mind .. All you do is read it and judge it , Regardless of the point , You bitch and moan about the grammar and that the lines aren’t in place all the time .. Yes I know your righ but this isn’t your rhyme , am I not right ?? Go get your own and ill let you know what I think , The same way you did to me .. I don’t mind your criticism  , I welcome it most times .. Just this once could you ignore my punctuation .. Don’t worry about the spelling , Just read what’s its about and what im trying to say this time but its not going to matter to me , If you only give me one star this time and write me a nasty line , I’m not going to give a fuck one bit , it served its purpose , Did you get what I meant ??

You’re so harsh and I cant even get the words out , I just want to shout , “get the hell out” !! 
I am angry ! Don’t ask why .. I don’t know .. What I do know is the feeling of white rage , Pain and fear souring through my veins .. I don’t enjoy this feeling , I swear I don’t .. I want it to leave me and flutter to the ground , Dead but it doesn’t work that way , Does it ??
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