wake me up when september ends

"Summer has come and passed" - just like he has too ..

"7 years has gone so fast" - as fast as his life has come too end ..

"As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost" - one day I'll still miss you but one day I won't shed a tear , my memory will rest but I can never forget you because I love you .. You don't diserve to pay ..

"Like my fathers come to pass" - Your not my father but your life is done and that makes me wanna die with you ..

"The inocent can never last" - sadly .. your time has past , it's my turn now ..

"Here comes the rain again , falling from the stars , drenched in my pain again becoming who we are" - On your funeral it rains from the stars above , drenching me in sorrow , reminding me of my pain and showing others .. we're becoming who we are and there's no way to stop time ..

"Ring out the bells again like we did when spring began." - It was all okay until you went to the emergency room then I heard the news and I just wanted everything to be okay again , like the way it was when Spring began ..

"wake me up when September ends" - I want it to end but sadly I'm out of line , I'm too numb but still I remember the Summer of 06 when you made me laugh , the summer of 08 you made me smile and cry .. I love you. .. 
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