Life is a bank account

Your beautiful life is a rich bank account .. Opened up from birth to last until the end to contain your rich deposits throughout life becoming permanent savings you’ll never rescind .. None of these deposits contain a figure amount but are stamped with an eventual price to pay : Credited to your future as sustenance of life .. 

 Good or bad, you’ll reap the outcome each day .. If you measure the value of your deposits by decency , honor , virtue , truth and love .. Your withdrawals will be rewarding returns in dividends of perfect peace from God above .. Though you may stumble poor along the way , Your deposits laden with mistakes and respite .. Parents .. if you have precious young children , Teach them early on from birth to make worthy deposits in their bank of life so their withdrawals will prove significant worth .. Model for your children a strong example , Worthy for them to follow all you say or do .. Teach your little ones ethics and values .. That’ll establish foundation to keep young hearts true .. When old age begins to mark your years and you make your last withdrawal then You will know your bank account was well nourished , Leaving behind a firm legacy for your loving kin ..

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