Sleeping beauty ..

I sit awake , watching you sleeping .. Ah ! such beauty and extravagance .. The stars in the sky wilted and weeping , Dimmen in light of your radiance .. The darkest eyes among the living .. A sweet smile coming of tender lips .. The aura of a goddess surrounds you giving - A mere man of morals unwitting slips .. Oh ! to reach out only to touch you .. Run my fingers through your golden hair ..

 How could such a thought challenge my virtue ?? When to do it not would only bring despair .. Like a dream lover , gift of the graces , I reach out to you but my grasp falls shy .. The consequences a married man faces - Where emotions flourish must dignity die ?? I chasten myself for just the notions but amorous spirits my soul would not repeal .. I find myself drowning within oceans - Of desire to know just how you feel .. To hold you in my arms and not reflection .. To kiss your lips , share your desires ..

Embowelled in sweet burst of affection Where passion rages and love aspires .. Are you merely a vision that in passing ?? Leaving me behind to wallow in chagrin ?? Am I damned for feeling I can't help amassing ?? Would loving you weight down my soul with sin ?? Oh ! the heart within me's twisting, aching - At the velvet skin of an angel in a strange bed .. I turn away in silence , heart now breaking and you'll never have heard a word I said .. Shutting out the lights the vision embers , A resplendent glow sleep would invade .. Where every dying dream remembers - Delicate tingles of love never made and every misinclined inception - Awakens me in a hollow, stateless mind in a shared bed loathed in deception , Absent of the love I left behind ..
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