A Penny Candy store

Walking by an old abandoned building that once housed a penny candy store , I envisioned all the wide-eyed children as they gazed at the display of candy galore .. I was saddened by the closure and it took me back to the days of yore , When I , too , was spending my pennies at the neighborhood's penny candy store .. 

 As a youngster , I stared in disbelief at all the candy unsurpassed and often rubbed my fingers unconsciously on the counter top of highly polished glass .. At the proprietor's helpful suggestion , I would only remain silent and gape .. The variety of candy caused me to be uncertain as to what penny candy I would take .. 

 What a thrill to have a penny in my hand ?? It is a feeling that I still cherish today .. I was able to go to the penny candy store to select and buy candy my own way .. Though I may still be indecisive at times while viewing the niceties by the score , The thoughts of time tried candy still remain from the old , neighborhood candy store !

Eh Belum Habis Lagi .. Like Kejap

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