You cheat , You Lied , You're sucks ! -,-

You were the greatest thing to happen to me ..To see and to be with you brighten up my day .. I was so into you so I believed everything you said .. How Stupid was I to believe you stopped having feelings for her and to believe you weren't secretly meeting up with her ?? You said you would never hurt me .. You liked me too much to do anything stupid .. Why didn't you just tell me you wanted nothing to do with me ?? You cheated , you lied , you said that you would never hurt me .. Now I'm all broken up inside , wishing i should have never trusted you .. What should i do now that you chose her over me ??

I hate the way you tell me you love me when your with her .. I hate when you tell me you miss me , I hate the way you make me think of you .. I was getting over you but you had to call and tell me you still love me .. I don't wanna wait , I don't wanna be played , I want to be over you , You give me more and more pain , I just wanna scream .. I hate you for doing this to me , I hate how I still love you , I wish I would stop loving you , I am that kind of girl that loves you but hates you , My heart wants to hate you not Love you anymore .. It hurts way to much , I wanna hate you ..

Thanks babe , lesson well taught ........

Betrayed once more as my pain turn to shame .. Shame for never realizing it was only a game .. Of never loving too hard and always letting go while being sets up for that harsh .. Yet final blow by deceitfully leading your lover to a bitter end as you're setting up your next victim to start over again .. Never showing any remorse as the fool is set free .. Just simply happy to see another poor saps like me .. Yes I have been betrayed often but never any more for this fool has finally found the way through freedoms door ..

Eh Belum Habis Lagi .. Like Kejap

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