I'll be waitin ......

I never knew a broken heart could keep on breaking .. You keep on sending your love but no ones there to take it .. Rivers of tears keep a steady flow but no ones there to know .. It’s you , you who I want to know .. You who I want to see .. All of what I think and feel , It’s you I want here with me .. Not a day goes by without wishing for a hug , a kiss , a laugh , a cry .. For soothing hurts , tucking you into bed or just a simple touch .. Not a night goes by I don’t miss you so much or my heart doesn’t break just a lil’ bit more .. Shards turned to ice constantly falling to the floor .. That some how some day .. You’ll be back in my life for always and forever and I’ll never let you go again , Never!!!
Tomorrow comes ,tomorrow goes .. I'm still waiting on my toes .. Holding every breath not thinking twice .. Time goes so slow it never flies .. I'm just waiting to hold you again .. I pray it will happen but I don't know when you're so far away from me .. I hear your voice in my head but your face I can't see ..I'm holding on with all that I've got .. my body's growing weak but my heart is not .. I cry myself to sleep wondering where you are .. I wonder if you're wondering about me , looking at the same bright star ..heaven knows we are meant to be .. no one else will ever complete me .. you are my heart , my soul and everything in between .. 
I know I can't see the future but I wish this could be seen .. I would look to see how our children would grow and how we look when we're old , moving so slow .. I would laugh at how in love we still are and the boat you drive that you call your car but I can't see the future , deep down I wonder if you'll even come back .. I hate myself for thinking it but sometimes my heart is black .. the only thing I've ever wanted is you .. it's funny that you're the one thing I can't hold onto .. I watch you slide from out of my grip .. I cry inside , my hole world starts to slip .. I know I'll make it , I'll be ok .. one more day without you , what's another day ? I will still wait , I know you'll come back .. I won't let myself doubt it , I won't let myself crack .. tomorrow comes , tomorrow goes .. I'm still here waiting on my toes .. holding every breath not thinking twice .. time goes so slow it never flies ..

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