A time ..

There was a time when I thought you were for me .. I saw no flaws in my choice , I guess I didn't see .. You didn't treat me nicely .. Despite how I treated you .. I cared for you , I loved you and that you even knew .. I kept telling myself that you could change your ways but you proved me wrong every single day .. Suddenly its all black , I can't remember and I wake up curled up under my cover ..
If I’d never met you , I wouldn’t feel the pain of losing your sweet love , I wouldn’t feel insane but if I’d never met you , I wouldn’t know the pleasure of ecstasy’s warm gifts and memories to treasure .. Now moving on with life , I force a wistful grin , Questioning what went wrong and wondering what might have been ..
Love's not easy on the Internet .. Words alone can be misunderstood .. Love needs eyes and lips and hands to let , The hurt rest easy when the joy feels good .. Lovers can't reach through the opaque screen to underscore a message with their arms to say with touch exactly what they mean or give the light caress that anger calms .. Instead they must rely on faith and trust , Loving patiently a fleshless soul , Taking words for kisses 'cause they must with full communion their elusive goal .. Be patient , love and someday soon you'll see , My body tell you what you mean to me ..

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