Do you know how much i miss you ??

I can't wait to see you again , You're A gift from above , I've been blind but yet I see the essence of your love .. I can't wait to see you riding in that beat up old van , You'll run up and hug me and tell me of your great plan for us to be together forever and always , Your arms wrapped around me in an unbreakable hold and the you'll kiss me , Only you'd be so bold .. You'll kiss me as though our relationship depended on it and it just might You may have painted a pretty picture before me and you may aim to delight but in the end it's true , You'll leave once again , Me left to do nothing but cry , Wishing you were with me as i grieve .. I miss you , I love you , Deal with it , I have to .. love me but don't make me askew ..

I never thought that I’m gonna miss you , The friend I cherish and treasure like you .. I really never thought that I’m gonna miss you but here I am now missing you , I remember the days when we’re together , We’re like Romeo and Juliet as lovers .. Hangin’ on the phone talking to each other but here I am now alone to suffer .. You make my world go round , You make me hear sweet sound .. You make my feet standing firm on the ground but here I am now , missing you and so down .. Will you ever come back to let me stand ?? Is there a time for me to hold your hand ?? I hope that time will come that I’ll never gonna miss you cause that time is the time I’ll say that I Love You !
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